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Why Abhinav Chandrachud’s “Supreme Whispers” is a must read for the Young Lawyers and Law Students?

Vishal Kumar Singh

Advocate, Patna High Court

Book Review: “Supreme Whispers: Conversations with the Judges of the Supreme Court of India 1980-89”

Author: Abhinav Chandrachud

The book is based upon the conversations derived from more than hundred interviews nineteen retired Hon’ble Chief Justices and Judges of the Supreme Court and various High Courts which was majorly covered by Prof. George H. Gadbois Jr. from the University of Kentucky, US. These conversations are mostly in narrative form and provide a fair amount of acquaintance with the system of justice delivery in our country to the readers.

This book will provide you every minute details of the formation of the Independent Judicial System in a newly independent country and gives you an idea that how this system which seemed to be very informal and political at the beginning reached to an stage of acclimation of being the most trusted and apolitical formal judicial system in the world.

This book makes younger generation aware about the legal heritage that we carry as lawyers and law students. It seems to be an honest endeavour of the author to make us aware of the forgotten gems of Indian advocacy and judiciary like Sir M.C. Setalvad, Niren De, Justice Tulzapurkar, Justice B.P. Sinha and Justice Vivian Bose.

This book not only accounts the legal system but also covers the coinciding socio-political issues of the country in various phases. It also explains that how closely these systems work in practice.

Overall, this book enriches its’ readers with the details of the historical events related to the legal field in India as well as provides ample amount of gossip to be carried in the court corridors!

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