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We are living in a Democratic nation where our Constitution gave the citizen of the country the power to elect their own governing body which means a government of the people , by the people and for the people . But witnessing the current scenario citizens doubt that government are actually here for the welfare of the citizen or they are here to make them more helpless in spite of fulfillment of all the obligations such as obeying laws , payment of taxes etc . The situation is alarming us every now & then that there is a need to think the root cause of current apathy that has happen due COVID-19.

COVID-19 , Isn’t it the term itself is the speak lot about itself ?Yes, its none other than Coronavirus that occur in India in 2019and has been continued till date. Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by newly coronavirus . It primarily spread through droplets of saliva or discharge from nose when an infected person sneezes or coughs . It basically attack the respiratory system , cause throat infections which can cause serious damage to lungs which leads to breathlessness.

In 1st phase of outbreak of the pandemic government has imposed lockdown which led to displacement of millions of migrants, unemployment , economy hitting adversely but noticing the positive side it encouraged country to be self reliant . Guidelines were passed by WHO advising to wear mask and use of sanitizers in public to stop the spread of Covid-19 . Cases were crossing to peak level and situation were getting problematic . Gradually lockdown was ended and clinical trials of covid-19 vaccine were going on. By the time of Unlock5.0 everything started with a new normal by following WHO guideline . This was the situation of year 2020 . Now again the second wave of the virus occurred more disastrously in April 2021 . It was expected from the government that between the time period when cases were stable they should have ensure enough resources to fight with the pandemic that basically include a better healthcare facility , proper medicines and a good management to tackle the worst situation because now covid-19 is no more new to us . But on the contrary when second wave occur a chaotic situation were witnessed , sudden increase of cases result in shortage of medicines , sanitizer , oxygen cylinder , hospital bed are not available for the patients etc ; its seem that due to recklessness in the attitude of the Government it’s a clear failure of the management and abuse of powers.

This paper attempt to address what is the role of government in pandemic and how government fails to manage the situation where they can easily manage if taken appropriate majors.

Pandemic happen out of seasons and virus spread across countries or continents. It has a adverse effect on lives of human being . One should be more cautious after facing the 1st wave of covid-19 and witnessing the crucial situation of other countries.


- To create strict awareness among each and every people about the consequences of the virus to prevent hazard .

- To aware about the guideline that should be followed by the people and if not strict action must be taken against them.

- To ensure a better health care management without create panic .

- To create policies in welfare of people so that no one is deprive to their basic fundamental rights .


- Cooperate with the government and obey the guideline to avoid mass spread .

- Stand in solidarity with those delivering the services be it doctors , government or any organization who are taking initiative to help others .

- Educate and create awareness among the society about Rights and respective duties.

- Avoid create panic situation

But as time passed it revealed that things were taken lightly with PM yojna we got ventilators but no appropriate person to use the equipment , Covid ward has been closed when cases were less in numbers assuming everything is fine . People are suffering due to lack of basic requirement of medical facility there was sudden shortage of oxygen cylinder , ICU bed , medicines , sanitizers and Black marketing and duplicity were rising and people are getting the facility at exorbitant price.

As usual Politician are busy with there unpleasant politics as government were busy in criticizing opposition and opposition were criticizing government using own propaganda and spreading false rumors about the vaccination among the society and this is how government fail to meet the expectation and partially citizens too . There was a popular phrase in pandemic which says “ We should create opportunity in disaster” but its seem we disastrously misused the opportunity which are resulting to rise in upheaval in the nation.

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