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Patna High Court sought reply from the Bihar Govt upon the issue of Chamki Bukhar in Muzaffarpur

It is a very sad part of people of northern plain especially for parts of Pruvanchal and Bihar that each year we witness several deaths of children aged below 12 years especially below 7 years due to brain fever which has several names like Meningitis, Encephlities or Japanese Fever. Being orphan disease especially in poor and backward of India sub-continent, it tolled around 300 lives of blossoms last year. Every year the hundreds of children die due to AES or Chamki Bukhar in the district of Muzaffarpur. Last year (in 2019) more than 200 children died due to the AES or Chamki Bukhar.

Aggrieved by this, Anjani Kumar- a young Advocate practicing in the Hon’ble Patna High Court and a Legal Associate of Legal Angles Patna filed a letter petition before the Hon’ble Patna High Court seeking directions to be issued to the State Government to curb the spread of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) or Chamki Bukhar and take all necessary measures keeping in view the situation of last year in the Muzaffarpur district of the state of Bihar. He says that “Being survivor of same i.e. Meningitis at the age of 6 years, I owe greater responsibility to deal with the same. Then I filed an representation letter in the Honorable Patna High Court so that court direct the government to learn from last year faults and take precautionary steps which has taken 8 lives so far this year.”

In situation when the world is already fighting with COVID 19 epidemic, it is double thwack for Bihar. But the Hon’ble Court while taking positive steps sought reply from state government so that we can prepare better and avoid loss of precious lives which we lost last year.

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