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Law Student approaches High Court against Patna Municipal Corporation, files PIL

Shattari Lubnabanu Abdulbasit

Intern, Criminal Law Initiative

Today we have with us Mr. Dharam Deepak Vishwash. He has been involved in various legal activism activities. Mr. D.D. Vishwash is passionate about bringing justice to people and upholding the law of our country. He believes it’s important to be fair and unbiased. Recently, he filed a petition before The High Court of Patna asking the state to take immediate and appropriate steps to avoid water logging and mismanagement by Patna Municipal Corporation. Shattari Lubnabanu Abdulbasit has interviewed Mr. D.D. Vishwash on behalf of Legal Angles Patna.

Mr. Vishwash would you please tell our readers a little something about yourself?

Mr. D.D. Vishwash- Hello, I am Dharam Deepak vishwash, currently in 4th Year of B.A.LLB (H), studying in Central University of South Bihar and am interested in litigation specially related to general public issues. I am interested in Constitution Law, Criminal law and Law of Torts.I am interested in the issues related to general public.

Can you please inform our readers, what was your motive or what prompted you to file this petition in the High Court of Patna?

Mr. D.D. Vishwash- As in every rainy season the condition of Patna becomes worse due to the waterlogging which also leads to damage the roads and street. And in the previous year we witnessed the flood like situation in Patna due to which many people suffered a lot. And it becomes difficult for the people living in one story house to survive when rain water enters into the houses and many patients, old age people suffers a lot due to the difficulties to approach to the hospitals or doctors. The situation of waterlogging is a serious issue because it also deprives the people from enjoying a hygienic life due to the dirty water flowing in the streets, roads and houses. It needs to be addressed as soon as possible and if the people are paying tax to the Nagar Nigam then they have the right to live in the clean surrounding free from any kind of problems which arises due to the waterlogging. So there is a need to solve this issue so that people are not forced to face the pathetic situation in every rainy season

What exactly were your prayers from the Hon’ble High Court?

Dharam Deepak Vishwash
Mr. D.D. Vishwash- To order to create a quick response team for to monitor waterlogging and to construct permanent drainage system in the whole areas of Patna Nagar Nigam. If the cost of temporary drainage system will be calculated for the 2 or 3 consecutive area that is more than enough to construct the permanent drainage system.
And also to direct the authority to make grievance redressal forum effective one.

According to you what are the policies and issues to be addressed and your thoughts on various legislation passed In water logging and mismanagement by Patna Municipal Corporation?

Mr. D.D. Vishwash- Primarily implementation of every orders should be done on ground not only on paper as we see that several schemes are passed by the Patna Nagar Nigam but that fails in reality due to lack of check and balance mechanism in the system.

Every year it is promised that the Nagar Nigam has done all the preparation to combat the situation but that fails and due to that public has to suffer a lot.

Nagar Nigam should ensure that even after heavy rainfall waterlogging should not be there any cost and for that there is a need of proper plan to redesign the flow of drainage water.

Explain me what is your strategy for bringing progressives together? What is your vision for the left?

Mr. D.D. Vishwash- For this, every citizen must be aware of his/her rights along with the duties so as to bring changes in the society only then we can claim for our rights and perform our duty to build this society.

(Legal Angles Patna supports such pro-bono litigation and this PIL has been filed as a part of Students' Counsel program of Constitutional Rights Initiative, LAP)

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