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Dalit man forced to drink urine in Bihar, Law Student approaches National Human Rights Commission

Team LAP

Rahul Kumar

On the 16th of August 2022, Ram Prakash Paswan, a Dalit man from was returning home and on the way was asked for his name by a group of men from Ijra village, Darbhanga District. After he revealed his name, he was beaten brutally by that group, who later tortured him and when he asked for water forced him to drink urine all while making a video and posting it on social media. Later his family had to pay an amount of Rs. 50,000/- for his release. The victim's back and shoulder bone are being broken he has also suffered damage to his kidney due to the merciless beating and torture. In the light of this incident, Mr. Rahul Kumar, a fourth

year law student from Amity University, Patna filed a complaint in the NHRC demanding probe in this case and compensation for the victim.

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