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Bihar Human Rights Commission directs Bhojpur DM to take appropriate action in starvation death case

Legal Correspondent,

Legal Angles Patna

An Eight years old boy belonging to the Mahadalit community in Arrah District died on 26.03.2020. The deceased Master Rakesh Mushar alias Rahul Mushar, Aged 08 years old, son of Mr. Durga Prasad Mushar died in his home situated at the Jawahar Tola slum in Arrah District of the state of Bihar owing to the poor and unstable financial condition of his family. Due to the sudden announcement of the lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the father and son were apparently unable to go to the work and earn their meals. There was no food or ration available in their home to feed the children. The ration shop owners and dealers denied to give them ration or any kind of borrowing, leading to a situation of starvation. The boy died due to hunger and starvation on 26.03.2020. Mr. Vishal Kumar Singh, an Advocate practicing at the Patna High Court filed a complaint against this incident in the Bihar Human Rights Commission. The BHRC took cognizance of his complaint and directed the District Magistrate of Arrah (Bhojpur) to take appropriate actions in this regard. DM has been granted eight weeks time to take necessary steps and inform the Petitioner as well as the Commission.

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